Water pollution paragraph for class 9, 250 words, ssc, hsc

Water pollution paragraph: We need to drink water to survive. So there is a need for clean water. If we don’t drink clean water we will get sick. So today we will know about the causes and remedies of water pollution. That is, today we will know water pollution paragraph for class 9 & others.

Water pollution paragraph 250 words

The importance of water is immense. We need water for life. You need water to survive. But if this water gets polluted, then the water will cause harm to us. Another name for water is life. But the other name for polluted water is death. So we have to stop water pollution. Water pollution is the pollution of water bodies and rivers as a result of human activity. Water bodies mean rivers, seas, underground rock layers, etc. When water pollutants are present in the water, the water is polluted.

Water contamination results in degradation of the ecosystem of the environment. If you drink contaminated water, many diseases are more common. Water-borne diseases kill millions of people worldwide each year. Drinking contaminated water can lead to diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea, stomach upset and sores in the skin of the hands and feet.

Water can be contaminated in many ways. For example, bathing of cattle, including cattle and buffaloes, setting up latrines along the banks of the river, playing with the waste material of the factory in the river, throwing the carcasses of animals into the river, pesticides of agricultural land can mix with the river and the water can be polluted. The water can also be contaminated. However, human activity causes the most water pollution. We are harming ourselves due to water pollution.

So we have to work to prevent water pollution. In this case, it is necessary to work on public-private and private initiatives. The government can make people aware of the ills of water pollution by organizing various seminars. At the same time, TV channels, including social media, can highlight the evils of water pollution in different ways in front of people. We will personally try to make people aware of the harmful aspects of water pollution.

2. Water pollution paragraph for class 9 & all

When various contaminants are mixed in water and the water is unfit for drinking and the water is unusable, it is called water pollution. The water is polluted in many ways. Water is essential for our survival. But when the water is polluted, if we drink that water, we can get sick. Every year, millions of people around the world die from water-borne diseases. Such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea, stomach upset and sores in the skin of the hands and feet, etc. Water can be contaminated in many ways.

For example, if a latrine is placed next to a pond or river, when chemical pesticides used in the field are mixed with water, the water is contaminated when the waste materials of the factory are mixed with water. Apart from this, drinking water containing arsenic makes people sick. That’s why we need to stop water pollution.

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To prevent water pollution, we will not leave excreta in the open, we will not throw garbage wherever it is, we will not use additional chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we have to improve the drainage system. In addition, measures should be taken to prevent water pollution through private initiative.

At various times, water can be contaminated due to natural disasters such as floods. Then we can make arrangements to clean the water in different ways. Such as boiling water, mixing chemicals in water and purifying water, etc. Drinking contaminated water leads to various diseases, including diarrhea. If we want to avoid water-borne diseases, we have to prevent water pollution. For this, public and private initiatives are needed.

End of water pollution paragraph for hsc & all

We know so far water pollution paragraph for ssc. We learned how water is polluted and ways to prevent water pollution. Hope this paragraph will be useful for us. Paragraph is important in exam. Water pollution paragraph 250 words Can you tell us your comments about the paragraph.

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