Victory Day Paragraph class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and all

Victory Day Paragraph for class 6: Today we will know the Victory Day Paragraph for hsc. Basically, the Victory Day paragraph for ssc is involved in our lives. Because on this day we won. Hopefully the Victory paragraph will instill in our minds the emotions of victory.

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Victory Paragraph

Victory Day Paragraph class 6 & all

Victory Day means the day of liberation. The day when a country is freed from the shackles of subjugation is the day of victory. December 16 is our Victory Day.

Victory means freedom. Victory means victory. It takes a lot of sacrifices to earn the word victory. Victory is possible to achieve victory in exchange for a lot of blood. Similarly, in exchange for one sea of blood we got victory on December 16, 1971. Before 1971, our land was known as East Pakistan. That is, we belonged to Pakistan. We had a large population of this land. 56 percent of the total population of Pakistan belonged to East Pakistan. Even after that, we were lagging behind in political, economic, social, cultural, education, etc. But the people of Bengal did not accept it. They protest against it. They struggle for their rights. Jumping into battle.

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On December 16, 1971, after a bloody war, we got independence. That is, East Pakistan is separated from West Pakistan. We emerge as an individual nation. The name of our nation is the Bengali nation. Since we got victory on December 16, every year on December 16 we observe as Victory Day.

Victory Day is celebrated in various institutions on this day. There are various competitions in schools and colleges on victory day. The purpose of this competition is to know the history of the victory. Victory Day is also celebrated in various public and private institutions. It is remembered by those who died in the Battle of 1971.

We need to take an oath on Victory Day. We work for the country. We work for the development of the country.

Hopefully, we’ve all understood the Victory Day paragraph in 200 words. We all need to work for our country. Know the history of the country. That’s why the Victory Day paragraph class 9 10 will help us.

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