Tree Plantation Paragraph for class 8, 10, hsc, ssc & all

Tree Plantation Paragraph for class 8: Today we will know the Tree Plantation Paragraph ssc. If we read the tree plantation paragraph for 10, we will learn about the benefits of tree planting. We will also learn about the harmful aspects of the indiscriminate destruction of trees.

tree plantation paragraph for 8
tree plantation

1. Tree Plantation Paragraph for class 8 & all

The tree is our best friend. A friend who doesn’t hurt us just helps us. There are very few such friends available. But trees are our friends. But sadly, the truth is that we destroy our best friends indiscriminately. We indiscriminately cut trees with a conscience. It’s a threat to our environment. Trees help us in many ways. Our main means of survival is oxygen. We can’t imagine our life for a moment without oxygen. Where do we get this oxygen from? I can be a tree. Trees give us oxygen without exchanging anything. The ozone layer protects the Earth’s atmosphere from various harmful rays. But if we destroy trees, the ozone layer will decay. As a result, harmful rays will easily enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Which is very harmful to us. This can lead to various types of skin diseases, skin cancer, lung cancer, etc.

The climate is changing a lot nowadays. This results in untimely flash floods, rain, etc. This is because of the indiscriminate destruction of forests. We are constantly giving up carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide takes up trees. But if we destroy the forest area, the amount of carbon dioxide consumed will be reduced. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase. As a result, we will see climate change. There is also a lot of damage to the destruction of forests. A country needs about 25 percent of forest cover to balance the environment. Otherwise, the number of harmful substances in the environment will increase. Which we will take with a breath and become ill. So we all have to plant trees. We have to promise that if we cut down one tree, we will have to plant at least two trees. This is our promise. Then the world will get back to its original address.

We read a paragraph on tree plantation. Now we will read another tree plantation paragraph for class 6.

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tree plantation paragraph for 8

tree plantation paragraph for 10

tree plantation paragraph ssc

tree plantation paragraph for class 6

2. Paragraph on Tree Plantation 150 words, 200, 250

There are very few friends in the world who benefit us without exchanging anything. But there are friends around us. But we can’t repay him. That friend is the tree. The relationship of our existence with the tree exists. We need trees for our lives and livelihoods. We know that trees can make their own food. Trees make their own food mainly through the process of photosynthesis. As a result, it contains trees, flowers, and fruits. That’s the fruit we eat. So we are directly and indirectly dependent on trees for our food. We also get wood, fuel, furniture, etc. from the trees.

Tree plantation paragraph for hsc, ssc is : HERE

We also get our oxygen from the trees. We know that carbon dioxide is harmful to the environment. Carbon dioxide takes up trees. It gives us oxygen. But trees don’t cost anything for this. That is, it makes us free. Even then, we cut trees indiscriminately. So we need to plant more trees. That’s why tree plantation is very important. There is a need to take the initiative of the government to plant more trees. At the same time, each one of us has to be aware and make the other aware. Tree plantation drives and tree plantation week should be observed several times a year. Especially the tree plantation week of schools and colleges is very important. Various seminars, newspapers, and TV need to report on the benefits of tree plantation.

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