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Today we will know the traffic jam paragraph. Traffic jam paragraph come in a variety of tests. Also by reading this paragraph, you will learn how to reduce traffic jam and disadvantages of traffic jams.

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traffic jam paragraph

paragraph traffic jam
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Traffic Jam paragraph

A Traffic Jam Is Called Traffic Jam When Vehicles Cannot Move Due To A Lot Of Vehicles On The Road. Traffic jams are harmful to any country. When the road is not designed as planned and when more than the capacity of the vehicle is on the road, traffic jams occur. As A Result Various Problems Are Created.

Traffic jams can be created in various ways but the resulting damage is fatal. You have to sit on the street for hours. Because vehicles can’t move. This results in a waste of time. For example, at your office at 9 a.m, you must leave the house at seven o’clock in the morning. If you leave later, you will not be able to reach the office on time. So traffic jams are the biggest threat in terms of wastage of time. Also those who have candidates, they cannot go to the examination hall at the right time. In Bangladesh, it is seen in various examinations that students cannot go to the examination hall at the right time. As a result, they are disappointed. A lot is lost from their lives. Such a thing happens in the BCS exam including various board exams.

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The biggest problem is in the case of ambulances. The ambulance usually has critical patients. If they do not reach the hospital at the right time, there can be a lot of damage. Even life can be lost. But then if there is a serious traffic jam, then how harmful it is. But that’s what’s happening all the time. Many people sit in traffic jams on the road in the scorching heat and faint. Also the harmful aspects of traffic jams cannot be said to end.

paragraph Traffic Jam

Many times there may be fires in different parts of the city for different reasons. At this time the fire service is needed. But it can be seen that a lot of damage was done before the fire service reached. Because there are a lot of traffic jams on the road. As A Result The Fire Service Car Cannot Arrive At The Right Time. As a result, many people lost their lives.
Traffic jams can occur for a variety of reasons. Such as:

Making breakfast without making the right design
Don’t give traffic police on the road
Do not have appropriate punishment for breaking traffic laws
Traffic drivers do not obey traffic laws.
Having a mindset of overtaking among drivers, etc.

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We Should All Work To Ensure That There Is No Traffic Jam. That’s why the most important thing is the government. If the government properly enacts traffic laws and imposes punishments for not following traffic rules, then traffic jams will be reduced to a great extent. The media can also play a big role here. Because There Are A Lot Of Traffic Jams Due To Low Awareness Among People. For This There Should Be Various Reports In The Media About The Malfunctioning Of Traffic Jam. As a result, awareness among people will increase. Also if the number of vehicles increases then different flyovers need to be built. Some laws are needed to reduce private cars. Sometimes there are private cars on the road, but there are one or two people there. It’s a kind of luxury. As a result, many are suffering losses. Therefore, it is necessary to legislate in this case.

In the end, traffic jams are not desirable to us. We want a beautiful journey. This is why traffic jams need to be reduced. Which requires the efforts of all of us. If we can work from everyone’s place, traffic jams will reduce.

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