Scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students-Canada scholarship 2022

Canada scholarship for Bangladeshi students: Who doesn’t want to study with a scholarship! Today we will talk about how you can study in Canada with a scholarship. Scholarships in Canada for Bangladeshi student details can be found through writing and video.

Canada is very popular among Bangladeshi students in terms of education. Most Bangladeshi students want to go to Canada to study. But many do not have the money they need. So they strive for scholarships. So today I have arranged a writing scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students.

Do you want to study in Canada from Bangladesh with a scholarship? If the answer is yes. Then today’s article is for you.

There are about 500,000 international students in Canada. Canada is the third choice country in the world for international students to study. Similarly, many students from Bangladesh migrate to Canada every year. Canada is as good a place to live as it is to study in Canada.

Why do Bangladeshi students want to study in Canada with a scholarship?

Most Canadian universities are far ahead in the world and Canadian certificates are accepted all over the world.

  • There are opportunities for part-time jobs while studying.
  • Known as a peace-loving country.
  • Canada has a smaller population than its size. To increase human resources, the Government of Canada offers the opportunity to obtain permanent citizenship.
  • Canada’s per capita income is much higher.
  • More likely to get a job in Canada.

The kind of scholarship that is available in Canada:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships 
  • Masters Scholarships 
  • Fully funded scholarships 
  • PhD Scholarships 

What are the types of Scholarships in Canada for International Students?

Institutional Scholarships:

Such scholarships are mainly awarded by the Canada universities for international students. This means that the university you are going to study at is awarded a scholarship by the university. In this case most of the scholarships come from the professor’s fund.

Government Scholarships: 

Government Scholarships are scholarships offered by the Government of Canada for international students in Canada. A good number of scholarships come from the government

Non-Governmental Scholarships:

Such scholarships are mainly given by various organizations, trusts and foundations. Such scholarships are primarily applicable to Masters Scholarships in Canada. This means that it is especially applicable for those who go for masters after graduation.

In all these cases Scholarships in Canada for Bangladeshi students are applicable.

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What are the qualifications required for scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students?

  • Prove that you have enough money to study. If you and a member of your family come to Canada with you, their living expenses, etc.
  • No criminal record,
  • Police testimonials are required.
  • Have to take a health check. (If required)
  • Prove that he will return to the country after completing the study. Etc.

Scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students Latest Scholarships Opportunity: 

  1. Western University offers scholarships in Canada. All international students from around the world will be able to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is applicable for Canada Scholarship for Bangladesh 2022-23. The deadline to apply is March 1. Scholarships will give students the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Students will receive a total of $ 8,000 under the Western Scholarship for Excellence. A total of 250 students will be given the opportunity of this scholarship.


  • Opportunity to be admitted in any subject.
  • 8 thousand dollars will be paid.
  • A travel allowance will be paid ($2000)

Eligibility to apply

  • You must be an international student
  • Higher secondary should have good results
  • Graduation must be admitted
  • High school’s testimonials must be taken
  • Must have IELTS 6.5 or get minimum 63 in TOEFL IBT.
  • Must have an academic transcript.

To apply visit: Here

I hope you will understand very well the scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students. We provide information on any type of scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students on our website. So stay with us.

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