Racism Paragraph-Racism paragraph for class 11

racism paragraph for class 11: Today we will know the racism paragraph. The racism paragraph will give us an idea about racism. We will learn about the evils of racism.

Racism paragraph for class 11 & all classes

Racism is a form of view and action, where it is believed that people are divided into many groups and that one group may be higher and lower for certain characteristics than the other. Also, the high group can dominate the lower group. Racism can sometimes be with the color of the skin, sometimes by regionalism, sometimes by the tribe, sometimes by caste.

Racism is a form of communalism. Instruments of exploitation of the weak in society. Some non-human beings use racism as a tool to serve their interests. The diversity of caste and the difference in language are not optional matters. These are born. No man can be born fair if he wants to. No one else can stop being born black. It is not possible to be born in a particular country. It is not possible to transfer the place of birth because of anyone’s wish or choice. So all this is innate. But we have divided people by becoming slaves to racism. We created divisions among people. We have given some people a high place in society. We are hurting some people. We are holding back some groups from various social, political, and economic activities. We are attacking them. We hate them.

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Various anti-apartheid leaders have fought at different times. For example, Nelson Mandela led the struggle to establish a multi-color-based democracy by ending apartheid in South Africa. Another anti-apartheid leader is Desmond Amplo Tutu. He received the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 1996, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 21 as the World Day for the Elimination of Apartheid. On March 21, 1960, police forces of the apartheid government opened fire on a black march in South Africa, killing 69 people. For this reason, this day was chosen as the day of the elimination of racism.

We should all say no to racism. It is not right to judge people only based on black and white, high lineage, low groups, etc. We need to understand that we are all human beings. It is not in our hands to control fair, black, clan, etc. So we will respect, respect, and love everyone.

I hope you understand the racism paragraph. From now on, we will not support racism. The racism paragraph on racism has made us aware of racism.

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