Political candidate statement sample | city council candidate statement

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introduce yourself as a political candidate:

Assalamu Alaikum to all. I am Jamiul Islam. Hope you all are well. You know I am a child of your area. As a child of your area, I must have some responsibilities and duties. I want my area to be developed and up to date. I want no one in my area to go hungry. I want everyone in my area to be well educated. My wishes will come true if you want. That is, if you vote for me and win the post of mayor. Then I will be able to realize my dreams.

Narrate your experience, dedication and skill as a political candidate for City Council candidate statement:

You know, I have already won the post of commissioner many times. You have repeatedly trusted me. I want to do more for you. You know how generous I am to you. I have already completed Honors and Masters from Dhaka University. I could go out of the country if I wanted to. But I want to dedicate my life to the area. That is why I am a candidate for the post of mayor from that thought.

Your plan are for the development of the area including health, education, environment, communication issue if selected:

I have many dreams, many plans for my area. I want no one to die without treatment in my area. That’s why I plan to build a modern hospital with 500 beds if I can be mayor. So that you will get all kinds of benefits. That’s why you don’t have to run to Dhaka anymore.

I want 100% of the people in my area to be educated. I have taken up food policy in exchange for education and I will do my best to implement it. I also have plans to build a medical college, a university and an engineering university in my area. There will also be two institutions for technical education.

Put down some argument in favour of your candidature:

We have taken a multi-pronged plan to prevent environmental pollution. Such as construction of dustbins at every turn, keeping city garbage including factory waste in a designated place, sanitary water supply, sweeping the streets every morning officially ‍and others.

I will improve the communication system between the cities. Besides, I have taken plans to improve the communication system of other districts and divisions with my area. There are plans to build an airport for this.

You see how honest I was when I was commissioner, how generous I was for the people in my area. So I believe you will give me a chance to do more by winning me over as mayor. Also I have a plan that is “free complaint”. That means you can tell me all the allegations you have against me. You will catch my mistakes. Then I can do better for you.

Closing statement requesting to readers to elect you as a political candidate :

I will not prolong today’s speech. I hope you understand what I mean. I believe you will trust me again as always. I end my speech here by asking for blessings from everyone.

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