My village paragraph for class 8, 9, 10, 6, 7 & all

The village in which we were born is very dear to us. We should all go to the village, form bonds with the village. Today we will know my village paragraph. This paragraph is important in the exam. You can find various type of writing in our website. So, I would request you to stay with our website. We all have our native village. So village is most heart touching for us.

My village paragraph

The motherland is like heaven to man. I was born in the village. My village is very dear to me. The water of the village where I was born has quenched my thirst, quenched my hunger, and the sound of the birds of the village broke my sleep. So everyone’s village is very dear to them. The name of my village is Khulna. There are about 10,000 people living in my village. People of all religions live together. The literacy rate in our village is high. The literacy rate of 75 per cent is in our village. There are people of different professions in our village. For example, teachers, doctors, engineers, farmers, etc. Most of the houses in our village are made of tin. But now brick houses are being built. Paddy is the main crop in the village. A lot of rice is produced in our village. Jute, wheat, mustard and various vegetables are also produced. Our village is self-sufficient in food. Our village is a land of natural beauty. There are two government schools in our village. There is also a government college and a public university. That’s why the literacy rate in our village is high. There is a big market in the village every Friday. A variety of daily items are available there. We can buy food items at a very low price. Since our village is self-sufficient in food, there is no theft or robbery in our village. Our village is ahead in information technology. Almost every house has electricity in the house. There is also no water problem. Everyone drinks clean water. That is, there is no problem with education, information technology, electricity, water, food etc. in our village. There is clear air in the village. So I go to the village whenever I get a chance. I love my village very much.

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Our village paragraph 150 words

We all have villages. We all love the village. Just as we love our motherland, the village where we were born is dear to us. The name of my village is Bagerhat. People of all religions and castes live together in the village. There are schools, colleges, madrasas and universities in our village. So our village is far ahead in the field of education. Besides, our village is a land of natural beauty. Every year, visitors from different parts of the country visit our village. The mentality of the people of the village is very good. There is a government hospital in the village. There are many rivers in our village. So in the rainy season, the villages are more beautiful. Agriculture is the main livelihood of the people of the village. About 90 percent of the people do farming. So our village is self-sufficient. I love my village very much.

We have been reading my village paragraph for so long. Hope we all understood the meaning of the paragraph. Along with that we should work for the improvement of our village. Many of forget their native village. But we should work for our own village. You will find many such paragraphs on our website. Stay with us for that.

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