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leadership paragraph writing

The leadership name is simple, but it is difficult to lead. A leader succeeds only when he can achieve certain goals in his positive and expected way. That is, leadership is an individual’s ability to give the right guidance to the members of the group, group, or organization to achieve specific goals. The person who can lead is obeyed by the people under him. He can get everyone’s attention. You can also get the love and respect of all. Everyone considers him a leader. So leadership is not an easy thing. If I give you a simple example, then there is a captain in a cricket team. Who leads the entire team. The victory or defeat of the party depends to a large extent on his leadership. A country depends on it. Leadership can be provided in different areas. Maybe in the classroom, in the cricket team, football team, corporate job, in the political sphere, in the family sphere, in the social field, etc. That is, there is an opportunity to lead in all areas of life.

The main function of leadership is to influence subordinates so that they accept the leader’s instructions and act accordingly. The person giving leadership has certain qualities. Such as bravery, good personality, far-reaching thinking power, decision-making ability, physical well-being, transparent understanding of the environment and organization, improved character, organizational knowledge, communication skills, patience and tolerance, justice, judgment ability, analytical ability, awareness, flexible attitude, creative thinking power, sincerity, common sense, perseverance, self-criticism, etc. Since giving leadership is not an easy thing, it is necessary to try to lead from student life. The one who can lead can adapt himself to adverse conditions. So we all need to persevere in providing leadership in student life.

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