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Internet paragraph for hsc: In today’s world, the use of the internet is increasing a lot. We cannot imagine our life without the internet. The Internet is inextricably linked with our lives. So internet paragraphs are important in exams.

Internet paragraph 150 words

The Internet is a collection of many computer networks that are interrelated throughout the world. The Internet is open to the public. In the 1960s, the U.S. military’s research organization developed communication systems in some schools and laboratories in the United States on an experimental basis. The network name of this communication system was ARPANET. This is how the journey of the Internet began. The technology of providing information from computer to computer using telecommunication technology is called the Internet.

Analyzing the sound of the Internet, it is found to be an abbreviated form of the International Network. The use of the Internet began in 1990. However, the actual journey began in 1969. Although the Internet started functioning in 1990, the Internet was not called by this name until 1994. The term internet was first used in 1994. American computer scientist Vinton Gray Cerf is known as the father of the Internet.

Internet paragraph for hsc & all

The Internet is spread like a net all over the world. The Internet is a global network system. The Internet is short for an interconnected network. The world’s first actual journey to the internet began in 1969. However, the widespread dissemination and spread of the Internet began in the 1990s.

The father of the Internet is Vinton Gray Cerf. Today, the internet is very much connected with our lives. We can’t keep the internet away even if we want to. The use of the internet in the fields of education, business, official work etc. has increased to a great extent. E-learning systems have become very popular today. E-learning requires the internet. Computers are currently used in various government and private official activities. All computer functions are done using the Internet. We collect information from Wikipedia for research.

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That’s why we need the internet. The whole world has become a village through the internet. We get news from any part of the world at home, if we have the internet. That is, if you have a smartphone or laptop computer and the internet is connected to it, then you can stay connected to the whole world. We can easily find our destination in an unknown place using Google Maps.

We can communicate with another country in one country using the internet. Today, the medical system has improved a lot. Many difficult operations can be done very easily. At the core of which is the Internet. The use of the internet is increasing day by day. However, we need to make proper use of the internet. Many students are using the internet to get addicted to games and bad culture.

As a result, they are suffering from moral degradation. The mind does not sit in reading. As a result, they have problems building their careers. So we will make proper use of the Internet ourselves and encourage others to use it properly.

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