HSC 2022 11th week assignment answer | HSC assignment question 10th week

HSC 2022 10th week assignment: Dear students, you know that the educational institution has been closed again due to the infection of Omikron. But the Ministry of Education has resumed the assignment activities so that your reading is not interrupted. Today I will give you the HSC 2022 10th week assignment answer and HSC assignment question 10th week in that series.

hsc ict 11th week assignment answer 2022: hsc ict assignment 11 week PDF

HSC assignment question 10th week is here: HSC 2022 10th week assignment 

Why this HSC assignment 2022?

We stay away from school when the school is closed. Every subject needs an environment. Similarly, an environment is needed for studying. And that environment is the educational institution. But if the educational institution is closed, then our education is disrupted. That is why we fall behind. But there is no way without closing the educational institution. As a result, assignments are being provided so that our educational activities can continue. My personal request is that you read the books carefully. Continue reading as you did before. Then you will benefit in the future. For example, those who are HSC candidates, if they do not read books well now, then the admission test will be bad. Those of you who are SSC candidates, if you don’t study well, you will do badly in Intermediate. Therefore, there is no alternative to study.

These assignments are provided by the Board of Secondary and Higher Education. Their official website is: http://www.dshe.gov.bd/

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ফেসবুকে কিভাবে টাকা আয় করা যায়? ফেসবুকে টাকা আয় করার 16 টি উপায়

ইউটিউব প্রতি ১০০০ ভিউতে কত টাকা দেয়?ইউটিউব থেকে আয় কি হালাল?

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