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good manners paragraph for hsc: Dear students, the paragraph we know today is the good manners paragraph for class 11. We hope you find this paragraph useful. The paragraph is especially important in exams.

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Good manners paragraph for hsc & all

By etiquette, we mean good behavior. Good manners make the character of a human being attractive. Good manners liberalize people’s minds. Manners, modesty in speech, etc. are known as etiquette. There is no substitute for practicing good manners to make society beautiful and better.

Human beings are social beings. People live in harmony with everyone in society. So if our behavior is not good then we will not be able to survive in society. Everyone who behaves well is loved and respected. On the other hand, if the behavior is not good, no one likes it. In every scripture, it is said to behave well. Good manners are a sign of humanity. Therefore, you should learn good behavior from the student’s life. Because student life is the best time to practice. If there is no good behavior, compassion, compassion, humility, etc. are lost among the people. So he becomes arrogant, selfish, and cruel.

Therefore, in our student life, we have to have a moral character. If everyone in the society has a good character then there will be no chaos, injustice, fights, cruelty, etc. in the society. On the other hand, if there is no etiquette, society will become obsessed with injustice and hatred. So the importance of good manners in state life is immense. However, good behavior cannot be achieved. That’s why good behavior has to be practiced. The family can play the biggest role in this. School plays the biggest role in the family.

So we should all have good character. A person with good manners can contribute to society and national life.

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