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Environmental Pollution Is Polluting The Environment In Various Ways. The environment is being polluted, if the environment becomes uninhabitable. In other words, environmental pollution destroys the normal structure of the basic elements of the environment such as soil, water, air, etc. As a result, the lives of all animals, including humans, became miserable. Everyone Suffers The Evils Of Environmental Pollution. As a result of environmental pollution, various deadly diseases occur.

From the beginning of creation, man used the environment for himself. People subjugate the environment in different ways for their good. For The Benefit Of Science And Technology, People Began To Use The Environment More And More. But when it is misused, there are complications. As a result, environmental pollution is now severe. The environment can be polluted in two ways.

natural and

Due to various natural causes such as floods, droughts, natural disasters, etc., there is natural environmental pollution. On the other hand, the environment can be polluted in various ways by humans. such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, etc.

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With the increase in population, the number of vehicles and the number of mill factories is constantly increasing. They emit carbon monoxide and harmful air. Which is one of the main causes of air pollution. Harmful substances from launches, steamers, etc. running in water contaminate the water. Forests and trees are being cut down. As a result, the balance of the environment is not maintained. As a result, various complications are created. Climate change is one such example. Climate change causes untimely floods, droughts, and rains. There are various natural disasters. Earthquakes that occur at different times are the cause of environmental pollution. In this way, the ecological balance is disturbed. Noise pollution occurs through motor vehicles, aircraft, household appliances, etc. Which disturbs our mental health.

The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing due to the cutting down of plants and the increase in the number of factories. Which is known as the greenhouse effect. As a result, various diseases are occurring. The amount of lead in the environment is increasing day by day. If we take the lead air with our breath, then there is a lot of harm. As a result of this, there are various diseases in the body besides obstacles. Sea ice is melting. As a result, the water level is increasing. It Is Expected That Soon Much Of The Land Mass Will Be Submerged In Water. It also results in crop failure. This can lead to food shortages around the world.

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Causes of environmental pollution:

  • Population growth
  • Unplanned urbanization
  • Deforestation
  • Misuse of natural resources
  • Industrialization
  • Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Factory lightning
  • Toxic smoke from cars
  • Ozone depletion
  • Acid rain
  • Unplanned housing
  • Human unconsciousness

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Necessary steps to prevent environment pollution:

  • A country needs to have 25 percent of the total area of forest to protect the environment. But due to the increase in population, its amount is decreasing day by day. As a result, climate change is being created. So We Have To Play The Necessary Role In Protecting The Forests.
  • Solar and water power sources should be used as alternative fuels.
  • The lightning of industries and households should be dropped in certain places. There Should Be A System Of Official Purification Of Thunder.
  • The education rate should be increased
  • Scientific methods have to be adopted in various government schemes
  • People need to raise awareness
  • In The Agricultural Field, The Use Of Organic Fertilizers Instead Of Chemical Fertilizers Should Be Increased.

Environmental pollution poses a serious threat to all. People all over the world need to raise awareness about this. The problem is especially acute in developing countries. Therefore, with the collective initiative of all of us, it is necessary to keep the environment beautiful and clean.

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