Digital Bangladesh composition for hsc, ssc, class 8, 7, 6 & all

Today we will know, Digital Bangladesh composition for hsc. At present every country is advancing in the field of economy, education, politics etc. The most advanced is in the IT sector. Bangladesh is also moving forward. Bangladesh is now a digital Bangladesh. So today we will know the Digital Bangladesh paragraph or Digital Bangladesh composition for class 9.

Digital Bangladesh composition

Digital Bangladesh composition for ssc & all

Introduction: The word digital means modern. Here, however, modern means the progress of information technology. That is to say, when a country breaks into the digital age by avoiding the analog system, it is called a digital country. In the same way, our country is emerging as Digital Bangladesh. We Can’t Think Of Our Lives Without Information Technology. Most Of The Official Work Is Now Conducted Through Information Technology. That’s why our country is called Digital Bangladesh.

What is Digital Bangladesh?

Digital Bangladesh means moving forward in the IT sector. Every government and private office refers to the advancement of information technology. For example, all the functions of government offices, courts, private institutions, schools, and colleges will be performed through information technology. Where previously the proceedings were conducted through letters or petitions, they will now be performed via email. Devices like CC cameras will be installed at every important place. The Digital Medium Should Be Given Priority By Reducing The Dependence On Paper Pens. Our country is moving forward in that direction. So we can say that our country is moving towards digital Bangladesh.

The purpose of Digital Bangladesh is to:

Anything has a good purpose. Similarly, if it is possible to build a digital Bangladesh, then its benefits are many. For example, there are many unemployed people in Bangladesh. Many of them are educated and unemployed. If we can promote information technology, there will be a lot of jobs created there. A lot of freelancers are being produced from Bangladesh. This reduces the problem of unemployment. The importance of time will also increase. Now double the work that could have been done at the same time. The accuracy of the work will increase. The term Digital Bangladesh is very important, especially in important sectors. Digital media plays a very important role in the results of various board exams, BCS results, accounts of different banks, etc. So if it is possible to create a digital Bangladesh, our country will go a long way.

Prerequisites for building a digital Bangladesh:

The word digital is as simple as it is but its implementation is just as difficult. A lot of things need to be changed and refined if a country is to be digitally transformed. So now we will know, to make Bangladesh digital, what are the sectors need to be emphasized:


Education is the backbone of the nation. We don’t know who this is! The overall Development And Future Development of A Country Depend on The Quality of Education. If the education rate of a country is high, then that country will progress. The proper use of information technology requires education. For This, The Rate of Education In The Country Has To Be Increased. Because it is impossible to build a digital Bangladesh without educated people. For this, we need to recruit skilled people in every educational institution. There is a need to modernize skilled teachers and educational institutions. Educational Institutions Textbooks Need To Be Designed In Such A Way That Students Are Aware Of Information Technology. As a result, they will be able to become the metaphor for Digital Bangladesh. They will be skilled in information technology.

Expansion of the Internet:

A country can go digital by ensuring the use of information technology. in all. You need to have information technology skills. There are about 21 million people in our country. If half of these people are not aware of information technology, how will our country become digital? For this, we need to expand the internet. Sadly, the truth is that internet services have not yet reached remote areas of our country. Even our data transmission rate is very low. As a result, more time is needed to do important tasks. Our educational institutions are yet to use information technology. Various offices and courts have not been developed in the form of information technology. The Use Of Information Technology Is Not Increasing. So the expansion of the internet is very much needed.

Read some more paragraphs along with reading Digital Bangladesh composition for class 6:

শিক্ষা সফর রচনাঅধ্যবসায় রচনা
ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ রচনা
শ্রমের মর্যাদা রচনা

Power generation:

To ensure the use of information technology, more power generation is needed. Because information technology and electricity are closely related to each other. The Expansion Of Information Technology Is Not Possible In Any Way If There Is A Shortage Of Electricity Generation. Internet technology depends on electricity. The highest 10084 MW of power was generated in the financial year 2018 since 2017 to tackle the power shortage. Which is very less than what we need. As A Result We Are Not Able To Supply Electricity Properly To Remote Areas. As A Result, It Is Not Possible To Provide Internet Services In Remote Areas. So If The Power Generation Increases It Will Be Possible To Make A Digital Bangladesh.

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Expansion of English education:

In order to expand information technology, it is necessary to expand the teaching of English. Because every part of information technology is related to English. If we don’t know English, we can’t use information technology properly. As a result, the digital name will remain just the name, but will not be converted into reality.

Necessary steps to make Digital Bangladesh:

  • We need the right infrastructure.
  • Communication between the cities needs to be improved.
  • The budget should be prepared in the IT sector
  • The importance of information technology should be reported in the media.
  • The use of information technology should be made available in business, education, health offices, courts, etc.

Our progress as a Digital Bangladesh is:

  1. The money order service on mobile is currently operating under the postal department to reach the money in a jiffy.

2. The E-passport is currently operational in the country.

3. The online market system has been developed through an online product purchase system, ordering various foods, etc.

4. Online GD: Currently it is possible to do GD online at home.

5. Tenders are currently executed online in the administration.

6. Machine Readable Passport: The machine-readable passport was issued on May 1, 2010.

7. The e-version of the primary textbooks is given on the website.
The web portal is operational in 64 districts of the country.

8. At present, various mobile companies advise the farmers on various issues through mobile.

So we realized that in order to build a digital Bangladesh, we all need to work together. If digital Bangladesh is formed, our country will go a long way. The benefits of which we, our future generations. So we all need to come forward to build a digital Bangladesh.

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