Juvenile Delinquency & Difference between online class and campus class.

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Difference between online class and campus class:

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Online classes are classes conducted through the internet or online. Students can join their classes through any software or app on the internet.

Campus classes, on the other hand, allow students to take their classes directly on campus.

The emergence of on-campus class:

It is possible to form a community easily.

It is possible to learn from an educational environment

It is possible to inform the teacher in case of any problem

It is possible to be attentive in the classroom

Pros and cons on-campus class:

When I take classes directly on campus I can very easily concentrate in class. Besides, we all know that we need the environment to do anything. Campus or school is a good environment for studying. The concentration that is found in studying on campus is not found anywhere else. So there is no alternative to campus to drive my psyche towards education. Moreover, I can take the help of the teacher in case of any problem. There is not just one teacher on campus, there are many teachers. So easily I get help from them. Besides, it is possible to study in groups.

What I think of as a direct or on-campus learning problem is a strict schedule. Besides, girls are victims of eve-teasing.

Pros and cons of online class:

In online education, we can easily join the class only through the internet. Teachers can see us very easily. You can control what we write or what we do. Here I can study independently. There is no risk of road jams. I can study with my parents in my family.

But on the contrary, there are problems. Because of the online classes of such young children, they may face losses by browsing the internet. They can browse any bad website. This leaves the possibility of their mental distortion. In addition, addiction to various online games will be a waste of their time and it will create a kind of addiction. It is also not possible to get proper attention to online class reading.

My experience during the covid-19 pandemic:

Due to coronavirus, the government of Bangladesh has given lockdown all over the country and as a result, the classes of the students are based online.

As a result, we have to be connected to the class through electronic devices. I have been doing classes regularly from the beginning. But at one point my attention was distracted. There are also plenty of opportunities to cheat in class. Another reason is that not everyone can afford electronic devices and the Internet. Although our teachers and government have tried their best to add us to our online classes. There is no doubt that online classes are part of our education. But in my case, it has been hard to keep my focus on what has happened. However, considering the overall situation of the country, we must accept any situation.


Any work requires a good environment. The campus has been created for studying. So the main focus of education is the campus or school. But in the light of the current situation, it is risky to go to campus and complete your studies. So we have to adjust to the condition. But we hope that very soon we will be free from this condition and start studying on campus.

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