Diaspora paragraph for hsc, class 8, 7, 6, ssc and all

Diaspora paragraph: Today we will know a very important paragraph. People move from one country to another for various reasons. Such as better treatment, better living system, better education, better jobs, better education etc. We call this condition diaspora. So today we will know Diaspora paragraph for hsc and all.

Diaspora paragraph for hsc & all

Diaspora is when people cross the borders of their own state and live in another country for a minimum or permanent time. These are called diasporas. People go to other countries for a variety of reasons such as poor quality of healthcare in the country where you are in, inadequate jobs, limited opportunities, underdeveloped quality of life, fear of political fear, fear of torture and mistreatment, loss of money and resources, natural disasters, bullying, etc. can cause diaspora. On the other hand, the factors that attract people to go to other countries are: job opportunities, better quality of life, enjoyment, education, good healthcare, protection, family relations, low crime rates, etc.

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Diasporas make up about 88% of the UAE’s total population. Qatar also has 74%, Kuwait 60%, and Bahrain’s 55% population diaspora. If there is a war in a country, the people of that country migrate to another country. In this case, they are immigrants. For example, if Bangladesh currently has a few hundred thousand Rohingya’s, then the Rohingya’s are diaspora here. Apart from this, every year various students from least developed and developing countries migrate to developing countries for better education. Many migrate to other countries to work. They send money from other countries to their families. As a result, remittances to that country increase. So diaspora plays a role in the economic system of the country. The number of immigrants is constantly increasing in different countries. There are more immigrants in developing countries. Because the people of the least developed countries go to the developed countries to improve their quality of life. That’s how they become diaspora. But diasporas are a blessing for the least developed countries.

We understood the meaning of diaspora. Paragraph is important in exam. Hopefully this post will be useful for us today. Let us know your comments about the Diaspora paragraph for class 8 and all.

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