deforestation paragraph for ssc, hsc, 9-10, 150 words and all

Deforestation paragraph for ssc: We all know the benefits of trees. Trees are our true friends. Work helps us in many ways. But we indiscriminately destroy forests. The results are very serious. So we have to work so that we don’t destroy the trees. So today our paragraph is the deforestation paragraph for hsc.

Deforestation paragraph for ssc & all

Indiscriminate felling of trees or destruction of forests is known as deforestation. Trees are our true friends. But whether we understand it or not, we destroy forests. As a result, we are harming ourselves.

Trees help us in many ways. We are directly and indirectly dependent on trees for food. Trees can make their own food, but we can’t. The importance of trees for maintaining the balance of the earth is immense. Indiscriminate destruction of trees is changing the earth’s climate. For this reason, there is untimely rain, drought and various natural disasters. But some unscrupulous traders or syndicates get greedy and destroy the forest area. We leave carbon dioxide into the environment in many ways. Carbon dioxide is released from various factories. Which is very harmful to the environment.

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If the amount of carbon dioxide increases in the environment, the earth’s warming will increase. As a result, the balance of the earth will be disturbed. The tree maintains the balance of the earth by taking in carbon dioxide. Any country needs to have a total of 25 percent of forest cover to balance the environment. According to Global Forest Watch and the World Resources Institute, between 2002 and 2020, 3.7 percent of natural deforestation occurred in Bangladesh. According to a UN report, about 17 million hectares of forests have been wiped out in the world in the last 10 years. That is, eight hectares of forest land is destroyed every minute. As a result, the earth’s temperature is increasing. As a result, various natural disasters including floods, droughts, and cyclones are increasing. If this trend continues, by 2050, one-third of the world’s territory will go under water, according to various scientists.

Therefore, we should create forests instead of destroying forests. That’s why we have to plant trees instead of cutting them. You have to plant more trees yourself and encourage others. Plans to plant trees should be taken up by public-private and private enterprises.

End of deforestation paragraph for hsc & all

So far we know the deforestation paragraph 150 words, 160 words, 300 words and for all. We’ve known the benefits of trees so far. At the same time, I knew what could be the consequences of destroying forests. Therefore, we should create forests. Let us know any of your opinions about the deforestation paragraph for class 9 10. Let us know what kind of posts you want to get.

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