Aim in life paragraph- My aim in life paragraph

Aim in life paragraph: The paragraph we will know today is aim in life paragraph. My aim in life paragraph is very important for setting goals in life. I hope my aim in life paragraph will help us.

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Aim in life paragraph

Every person should have a specific aim in life. We need to move forward with that aim in life. We need to think in advance about what we will do in the future. Then we can work to implement the plan. That’s why the importance of aim in life is immense.

My aim in life is to be a doctor. The reason for this is that the number of doctors in Bangladesh is very less than the demand. Besides, most of the doctors do not want to leave the city and go to the village. There are several reasons for this. But most of the people in our country live in villages. But there is a shortage of treatment in the village. Due to this, people in the village are unaware of the medical field. They are not concerned about their health. Many are dying due to a lack of treatment. They live with colds, fever, diarrhea, asthma, etc. But if they had a chance, they could get rid of these diseases. I wish I could grow up to become a doctor and open a chamber in the village. So that the people of the village do not die without treatment. Most of the people in our country are middle class. They can’t afford to spend money on higher treatment. Because of this, if they are sick, they do not go to the doctor. I will become a doctor and become a doctor of the poor. So that no one dies without treatment due to lack of money. At the same time, so that there is no disease, I will advise proper food, exercise, etc.

So I became a doctor. People need to cure diseases to survive. That’s why we need a doctor. So that the people of a country can go to the doctor without fear that my aim in life is to be a doctor. I hope I can become a doctor and serve people.

My aim in life paragraph-2

Dreams keep people alive. The work we are doing now is done with a purpose. We don’t work without purpose. So we all need to have an aim in life. Then our activities will be according to specific rules. So my aim in life is to be a teacher.

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There are many reasons behind it. First, education is the backbone of the nation. The more educated the nation, the better the nation. So our liberation is impossible without education. But there is a considerable shortage of education in our country. Especially in the field of education in the city, the children of the village do not get the opportunity as much as we get. That’s why they’re lagging behind. But most of the people in our country live in villages. If we don’t educate them, our country will never see the light of progress. That’s why my aim in life is to be a teacher. Becoming a teacher and establishing a career as a teacher in the village. Also, the example of a civilized country is that they will receive moral education along with formal education. I will become a teacher and provide institutional, moral, economic, and social education. Every child has talent in him. But we can’t develop that talent. The job of an ideal teacher is to develop that talent. My effort will be to help them develop their talents. Formal education alone cannot fully educate a person. Both formal education and moral education are required. In order to build a civilized society, teachers are needed the most. Because what the child of today learns from the teacher will work according to it in the future. That’s why my aim in life is to be a teacher. Every human being has a different aim in life. We need to fix our aim in life and work accordingly.

It is necessary to work today for the future. We all know the dignity of education. So we know how important the teacher is. The need for a teacher to build a nation is the greatest. It was from this realization that I decided to be my aim in life as a teacher.

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