A rainy day paragraph for class 6, 8, 10, 7, ssc, hsc & all

A rainy day paragraph: Rain falls naturally during the monsoon season. For many, the rainy season is auspicious. Again painful for many. So we will know about a rainy day paragraph for class 6 and others. Hopefully the paragraph will benefit us.

A rainy day paragraph for class 6 & others

Summer, monsoon and winter are the three main seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is the second season of the Bengali year. Ashadh and Shravan are the rainy seasons throughout these two months. When there is a lot of rain all around in the summer, the rainy season brings cold. In the rainy season, all fatigue should be removed. The rainy season has natural beauty. Rain is necessary to destroy various types of viruses including all the dust. Apart from this, rain is very beneficial for agriculture.

Due to rain, the yield of various plants including paddy is good. Rain balances the earth’s temperature. Prayers are offered for rain at various places. Therefore, the importance of the rainy season is immense. A variety of flowers can be seen blooming during the rainy season. The smell of flowers is all around. Flowers such as kadam, kya, kamini, belly, dolan champa, sandhyamalati, etc.

Bathing young children in the rain during the rainy season is a reminder of a childhood memory. Rain water is very safe. So many people save rain water. So we will try to make proper use of the rainy season.

2. A rainy day paragraph for class 8,7,10

If spring is ‘king’, then the monsoon is the queen of seasons. It is the rainy season for these two months. The beauty of the rainy season fascinates people. There are a total of three main seasons in Bangladesh. Summer, monsoon and winter. The rainy season is the second season of the Bengali year. It rains more than usual during the rainy season. Before the rainy season, it is the summer.

When the excess heat of the summer is high all around, the rainy season comes with a cold rain. During The Rainy Season People Are Less Out On The Streets. Because there is mud all around in the rainy water. As a result, many people slit their feet. Young children don’t want to go to school during the rainy season. The beauty of the rainy season is immense. The joy of bathing in rain water is unparalleled. Rainwater is very clean and safe. Many people save rain water. Rain water can be drunk freely.

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Those whose houses are on the banks of the river can enjoy the beauty of the rainy season the best. However, there are some harmful aspects of the rainy season. For example, due to excessive rain, the water in the river increases. As a result, people along the river bank suffered losses.

There is a possibility of flooding. As a result, millions of people are trapped in the water. A lot of people are killed. The cattle float in the water. However, if appropriate measures are taken, the amount of damage can be greatly reduced. Rain is necessary for agriculture. When it rains in the rainy season, the yield is good.

As a result, the country’s economic system improved. During the rainy season, there is a smell of different flowers all around. Such as Kadam, Bakul, Spider Lily, Dolan Champa, Sukhdarshan, Ghasapool, Shapla, Sandhyamalati, Kamini, Gulnargis, Dopati and Alakananda etc. Small dinghy boats float over the river. The rice seedlings are stirred by the gentle wind after the water. So the rainy season has many benefits.

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